April 17th

Black Hare Press release OCEANS: A Dark Microfiction Anthology (Dark Drabbles Book 9). I have a short drabble in there and I hope you will read it. It has stories from 100 or so amazing authors. Its available in kindle edition, hardback, and paperback. Its also available on kindle unlimited for those who have it. Please enjoy!!

March 7th

Latest word count for book two is just a little over 16 thousand words, I am finally making some progress. I have a few plans in place for future books within the world of my book, Depths, as well as a few outside of that world.

Jan 23rd

I will be adding a history page soon with the histories of the myths, legends and real locations that appear in my books. You will be able to travel the earth with me and read about the myths and legends the inspired some of my writing.

Jan 18th

Going to Katsucon in February let me know if you are going to be there. Its going to be amazing and I cannot wait. Still working on book 2, and will have another update soon. Submitted a few small stories and working on a few short stories. Hope everyone has the best start of the new year.

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