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  • Release Day
    Hello everyone! Release day is finally here for Dark Forest: a mini anthology. I am hoping everyone one enjoys the stories and if you click the picture below it will take you directly to the amazon page, Its available on kindle unlimited as well. My works in progress are book 2 to Depths and a […]
  • Open for Preorder
    Hello there! I am so happy to report that Dark forest is now open for preorder! It will be released on July 13th, I felt that was a perfect date for its release. Click picture below to go directly to preorder page! Kira did an amazing job on the book cover. We had a great […]
  • Current Project Update
    Finally!!! My current project, which is a mini-anthology of dark short stories, has reached the point where I can edit and revise. Book cover is being created. I am looking to have it out, at the latest, by October. More updates will come for when its officially out for preorder. I still have other projects […]
  • Book 2 Ch5
    Traven felt the dry air blowing gently across his skin before he opened his eyes finding himself on another planet. One that he had been to once before but had never explored past the cavern and its pathway to the ancient ruins outside. He looked to Korvon to see him looking around the cavern to […]
  • Ancient Inspiration
    Many before me and many after will take some inspiration from ancient civilizations. The hidden secrets are almost more inspiring than the actual histories we have discovered over the many years of searching. I bring up quite a few myths and legends in my writing. From central and South America to ancient Greece. My love […]
  • Bahrukorra Part II
    A fellow writer, Corey Parsley, made a voice over on his youtube channel reading the next part of a dark story, Bahrukorra!

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