Book 2 Ch5

Traven felt the dry air blowing gently across his skin before he opened his eyes finding himself on another planet. One that he had been to once before but had never explored past the cavern and its pathway to the ancient ruins outside. He looked to Korvon to see him looking around the cavern to get a better look, both realized at the same time, that apparently the humans were keeping the cavern lit even though they were not around. There were a few lanterns of some kind near the walls lighting up the intricate drawings upon them. The two tray-Vardi set about making a small camp and making sure they were secure before trying to contact the human team. He touched his communication device and hoped it would reach them.

Sydney was at her desk having a discussion with her team about the journey to China when she could see the light on the device the Tray-Vardi had given her, light up. She quieted her team and stared at the device waiting for it to light up again. When the device lit up once more, she put it in her ear and while touching it said hello. She was startled to hear Traven’s voice coming through it, and even more startled to hear where he was and the story, he was telling her.

Traven let out a sigh of relief and began telling Sydney the situation and asking her and her team for help, in any way they could. He told her that he would be staying until tomorrow for Sydney to discuss the situation with her team and David. He would be waiting and hoped they could come quickly. Sydney informed him that she would speak with David as soon as she could and that they would, of course, be happy and willing to help the Tray-Vardi, in any way possible. With his thanks to her, he signed off and told Korvon what she had said, and that they would stay the night to give them time to consult and plan. With that accomplished they snuck down the pathway to the ruins to see if there was anyone around and seeing it empty, went back to the cavern to put together a meal and wait. After a couple of hours Traven’s communication device gave a small sound before Sydney’s voice came over it. She told him that they would have everything ready to go and could be there by morning.

He was excited to see the team again and let her know that if she wanted or needed to bring anyone else, he had a couple shields available. She thanked him and let him know that David might come along if he was able and David would have a security team there to watch the ruins as well. She would update Traven about the cult and other things once she and the team had arrived. With a final goodbye for the night, he and Korvon went back to the gate and once the brilliant green hues were rippling, they stepped through. Once the darkness had cleared, they went to the caves entrance to see if the rain was still falling and if it was any worse than when they had left few hours ago.

Thank you for reading!! This is another small excerpt from book 2, I have been working on a few projects during this quarantine and I hope everyone is doing okay and keeping busy at home. This is a great time to find new outlets and hobbies, to finish that list of books you always wanted to read. This chapter is not fully edited and subject to change upon publishing.

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