Ancient Inspiration

Many before me and many after will take some inspiration from ancient civilizations. The hidden secrets are almost more inspiring than the actual histories we have discovered over the many years of searching. I bring up quite a few myths and legends in my writing. From central and South America to ancient Greece. My love of history sparked many sleepless nights…. Okay I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sleeping at night anyway, so I filled it with interesting things to read.

There is always a line that writers need to balance on. Whether to stay true to old stories or create new ones. There is also another option, to bring both new and old together to make something completely different. Respecting the ancient beliefs is important and keeping as close to the truth as possible is as well.

On my list of favorite spots that I have used for inspiration is Machu Picchu. Still so many more stories and treasures to find of the Inca, as well as other civilizations of that time. Its a beautiful historic site and is on my bucket list of places I want to visit.

Inspiration can come from anything, anyplace, anytime. The universe is a gift to the imagination and we always have more things to discover. I hope everyone continues to look at the world around us and find the beauty in it. not to cover up the bad, but to show ourselves that there are great things still out there.

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