Depths Book 2 Excerpt


Traven quickly ran to his friend and usual teammate Korvon’s room so that he could tell him their orders and let him pack while Traven was doing the same. Korvon opened his door startled to see Traven there, he thought Traven was still scouting. After hearing their orders, he quickly started packing and told Traven he would meet him at his glider. With that accomplished Traven raced to his rooms to pack his gear and change into a drier uniform. He also went by the infirmary to request some of the shields they had given to the humans previously just in case they needed them. Heading back down the winding halls to the glider bay, he reached it with time to grab some field rations out of the locker as he headed towards his usual glider. Korvon and Traven did their usual checks to make sure the glider was ready to go before opening the bay doors and setting out into the pouring rain.

Thankfully, the rain was not accompanied by high winds or lightning, they did not need to worry about turbulence or damage from strikes. The two Tray-Vardi took the time they had discussing what needed to be done and any possible situations they may come across when they cross through the gate. Since they had both been a part of the rescue mission of the human team members Jack, Steven and Sheldon, they knew what it felt like to enter and exit the gate. They also knew what the surrounding area looked like on Earths side. As he approached the landing spot, he noticed that there was a small area of dry land left for the glider to sit upon. Landing he and Korvon both were slightly worried about leaving it there since obviously, the water level was rising, and they may need a sub to get back to base.

Traven decided to put in a call to Captain Ravon, letting him know the situation and that they may need a different ride when they come back. Once he received confirmation of his message and assurance that if the glider was not safe, there would be someone there to pick them up when they come back, hopefully with the human team in tow. Traven and Korvon gathered everything they needed and a few supplies from the glider for safety and security once they pass through the gate and started up the mountain. Being careful due to the slippery rocks, wet from the constant rain and the moss that was now growing on them. They trudged up the mountain side slipping a bit before they finally reached the entrance to the cave containing the gate. before entering they turned to look out at the area surrounding the mountain. Both were overcome with a slight feeling of despair to see the waters swallowing most of the land bellow them.

They knew that if the rains did not stop soon the damage to their planet would not be repairable for years. With a last look over their shoulders they entered the cave and walked to the center of the cavern where the gate was. They set about lighting the lanterns that were there so they could have some light when they came back. Traven and Korvon did a last check of their gear before Traven took out a device to activate the gate. The bewitching green light lit up the stones and circled the gate before coalescing into the center and rippling, swirling with the hues of life. They stepped through the gate at the same time hoping the trip would be fruitful and they would not return to situation worse than they left.

Thank you for reading. This is only chapter 4 of the second book in the Depths series. All excerpts I put on this blog are subject to changes as i go through editing and revisions. I hope you are continuing to be safe during this time and please share or comment on any posts you would like.

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