Book 2 Ch5

Traven felt the dry air blowing gently across his skin before he opened his eyes finding himself on another planet. One that he had been to once before but had never explored past the cavern and its pathway to the ancient ruins outside. He looked to Korvon to see him looking around the cavern to […]

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Ancient Inspiration

Many before me and many after will take some inspiration from ancient civilizations. The hidden secrets are almost more inspiring than the actual histories we have discovered over the many years of searching. I bring up quite a few myths and legends in my writing. From central and South America to ancient Greece. My love […]

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Depths Book 2 Excerpt

4 Traven quickly ran to his friend and usual teammate Korvon’s room so that he could tell him their orders and let him pack while Traven was doing the same. Korvon opened his door startled to see Traven there, he thought Traven was still scouting. After hearing their orders, he quickly started packing and told […]

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Hunger: excerpt

            Hunger, deep and gnawing hunger. Empty stomachs growled louder than the beast outside. The cabin was a refuge and a prison. Safe from the beast but not from dwindling supplies. The last safe location on earth was no longer safe, everything was starving. The last remnants of human civilization whittled down to a cabin […]

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Revenge: excerpt

The forest protected our ancestors through out the centuries my bloodline had lived here. Sometimes the forest showed obvious protections other times more subtle. Whether vines coming to wrap those who would harm us in their strangling grasp or creatures appearing at the right moment to run off any attackers. It had always protected us […]

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